How My Daughter Taught Me to Be Fearless & Courageous

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I spent years reading about and surrounding myself with strong, fearless girls and women and then I realized one of the strongest girls I know calls me Mommy. 

I knew some of these inspiring girls and women on a personal level and some through books, but I never imagined my little girl, at the ripe age of two-and-a-half years old, would teach me a lesson about fearlessness and courageousness.    

Allie is now five-years-old but at two-and-a-half years old, she was confident in her decision to wear boy clothes.  Not because she wanted to be a boy, but because she was tired of only having options of pink and princesses and she knew she was anything but a princess.  She was a spirited, athletic and confident tomboy and she wanted to express herself through her clothing and she couldn’t do that by shopping in the girl’s section of her favorite stores.  So, instead she turned to the clothing that sported graphics that spoke to her; graphics such as superheroes and sports and sayings such as adventurous, athlete, live courageously. 

My daughter is strong and confident and she is a trailblazer in her own way and at such a very young age and I am so amazed by her.  She looks past gender stereotypes and she chooses each day to embrace her individuality. 

I am so intentional every day to teach my girls life lessons, to be an example for them and to show them how to live a life of purpose.  What I never expected was that my girls would teach me so much more than I will ever teach them and for Allie, she has taught me how to be fearless and courageous in my pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.  She truly is amazing and I had no idea when I was called to be her mommy that she would have such a tremendous impact on me; especially at such a young age. 

So, cheers to the girls who are fearless, to the girls who embrace their individuality despite what others expect of them and to my little girl, Allie, who has taught me to live life fearlessly and courageously.  You, my love, are my hero!