Speak Up


Today, I was driving back to the office after a meeting in Downtown Kansas City when I came across a young woman with a small child…she was probably four-years-old.  Every thought that was running through my mind, at that moment, ceased and all I could think about was that little girl…in the cold, standing with her mother begging for money.  I circled the highway and asked her if she needed help. She said she did not have a place to stay or money.  I didn’t have any money on me, so I offered to get her help at a local shelter; she said they were all full (I will personally call each of them to confirm).  I then offered to get her a hotel so her daughter had a warm and safe place to lay her head tonight and she would not accept my offer.  I then offered to buy them a warm meal and once again, she declined my offer.  At this point I was pissed but kept my calm.  I told her that this was not for or about her, it was for her daughter and she needed to think of but one person in that moment and that was her daughter.  Her little girl started crying hard and begging her mom to go with me.  Her mom told her to be quiet and wiped her eyes.  The little girl continued to beg her mom…she told her I looked nice and she was hungry.  Her mother wouldn’t get in my vehicle but agreed to exchange phone numbers so I could check on them tonight.  She was clearly in a really bad place.  It will be my days work to make sure they have a warm and safe place to stay tonight.  I tell you this for no other reason than to build awareness and to challenge more people to be the voice for the children who have none. 

I have been a fierce child advocate all of my adult life.  I can’t bear the thought of children experiencing homelessness, hunger, abuse, illness, etc.  It consumes my thoughts when I come across a child who needs help or hear of a child who needs help.  Some people have challenged me that I can’t help everyone and in some situations you have to turn a blind eye.  My response…I will NEVER turn a blind eye.  EVER!  In fact, I will not go through my life believing that we can’t help everyone.  Let me just believe I can and pursue this passion with a tenacity and let’s think about it this way…If we all believe we can change the world for children, then we will change the world for children.  Fewer children would experience homelessness…fewer children would experience hunger…fewer children would experience abuse.  So, I challenge each of you.  Be the voice that so many children need.  Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Don’t turn a blind eye!  You could be the very reason that one child or a hundred are given what they deserve…innocence, happiness, and safety! 


2017: New Year, New You


We know it can be difficult to keep New Year’s resolutions. But the Crossing Arrows crew is going to let you in on a little secret: make easy resolutions that won’t stress you out trying to achieve.

We’ve made it through Christmas. Now is the time to look ahead to a new year and make a list of resolutions. Some of you might think that New Year’s is the toughest Holiday to endure but look at it this way: new beginnings are like a cosmic gift. To turn over a new leaf is a good thing. In 2017, we here at Crossing Arrows hope to conquer world domination. Typically it is best to start small but that’s not how we roll at C-A. We believe in going big and we hope to give you some inspiration in setting your own New Year goals.

For starters, set goals that you know you can conquer with ease. Making an effort to smile more is one of our favorite resolutions. Not only is it free but it’s simple and makes the people around you happy too. Smiling accomplishes three tasks in one little gesture: easy, no moo-lah spent, and benefits the folks around you. What could be better than that? Uh, like nothing.

Another New Year’s rez that is simple to accomplish is to read a book. We all have that book that has been sitting on our nightstand since 8th grade English class. Taking a few minutes a day to read a couple paragraphs before bed is a great way to unwind and help you fall asleep. Reading is also a great conversation starter at dinner parties, “I just finished reading ‘insert interesting title here’ and it was quite interesting, thoughts? With all of the different avenues to access books these days, some even free, it is another cheap and easy way to include something new into your life. Win, win!

The third resolution that will help better not only yourself but the people around you and strangers is doing a good deed. This can be done in various ways that helps you unleash your creative bone (another bonus). A good deed can be accomplished by holding the door for someone, shoveling snow for and elderly neighbor, paying for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop. Be imaginative, the amount of good deeds in infinite (we’re not mathematicians so please don’t fact check us on that). What we’re trying to say is that the choice to do a random act of kindness is up to you.

No matter the resolution,  doing something good for yourself and others is well…a good thing. Crossing Arrows hopes that you get all and more than you wish for in 2017.