The story behind the brand

We want to share our story with all of our customers and followers because telling the story of why we created our brand is important to us.  We don’t want our customers to simply buy our products, we want them to know that there is a real story behind each design.  We want to connect with our customers and followers on a personal level.

So, enjoy one of the latest articles that shares our story.

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Anne with an ‘e’

Anne Shirley

“I don’t know what lies around the bend, but I’m going to believe that the best does.”  Anne Shirley

We’ve had such a huge response on our Squad Goals shirt and so we’ve decided to highlight each of the strong girls/women that make up our squad.  We want to start by highlighting Anne Shirley because some haven’t experienced the intellectual and endearing Anne.

Looking at the world through Anne’s eyes, your life will instantly seem just a little bit happier, and the world just a little bit brighter.  Something about her irrepressible optimism paired with her wholly original view of the world makes it hard to put the novels down.  The Anne novels are wonderful and addictive, and if you haven’t read them, do.

Anne of Green Gables is a 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery (published as L. M. Montgomery) which chronicles the life of the spunky, intellectual, and endearing Anne Shirley. Written for all ages, it has been considered a children’s novel since the mid-twentieth century and is splattered with exclamation marks, apple blossoms, freckles and embarrassing faux pas. It recounts the adventures of Anne Shirley, an imaginative, talkative, red-headed 11-year-old orphan girl who is mistakenly sent to Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, a middle-aged brother and sister who had intended to adopt a boy to help them on their farm in Prince Edward Island.  At first, Matthew and Marilla thought that they were getting a boy, but Anne’s endless chatter and her gorgeous charm won them over.

 “There’s such a lot of different Anne’s in me.  I sometimes think that is why I’m such a troublesome person.  If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn’t be half so interesting.”

 Anne is a strong, independent and spirited girl whose imagination and romanticism often leads her astray.  Daydreams constantly interrupt her chores and conversations, pulling her away from reality and into her own imaginary world. This escape pleases Anne, but her rich inner life often comes into conflict with Avonlea’s expectations of appropriate behavior. Anne’s imaginative excursions lead to everything from minor household disasters, such as baking an inedible cake, to life-threatening calamities, such as nearly drowning in an attempt to act out a poem.  The way in which she is able to take a tree branch and bring it to life by imagining that it is connected with something beautiful doesn’t only suggest her inquisitive imagination, but also her intellect.

To sum up why we chose Anne as one on our squad, she encompasses the spirited girl that we love so much.  The spirited girl that we are working to continue to empower.  We love this stubborn, passionate, loyal and intelligent spirited female.  Anne’s feelings run deep; she loves and hates with passion, and dreams with spirit.  And we can’t forget the importance of spelling her name correct, “that’s Anne, Anne with an E.”

Speak Up


Today, I was driving back to the office after a meeting in Downtown Kansas City when I came across a young woman with a small child…she was probably four-years-old.  Every thought that was running through my mind, at that moment, ceased and all I could think about was that little girl…in the cold, standing with her mother begging for money.  I circled the highway and asked her if she needed help. She said she did not have a place to stay or money.  I didn’t have any money on me, so I offered to get her help at a local shelter; she said they were all full (I will personally call each of them to confirm).  I then offered to get her a hotel so her daughter had a warm and safe place to lay her head tonight and she would not accept my offer.  I then offered to buy them a warm meal and once again, she declined my offer.  At this point I was pissed but kept my calm.  I told her that this was not for or about her, it was for her daughter and she needed to think of but one person in that moment and that was her daughter.  Her little girl started crying hard and begging her mom to go with me.  Her mom told her to be quiet and wiped her eyes.  The little girl continued to beg her mom…she told her I looked nice and she was hungry.  Her mother wouldn’t get in my vehicle but agreed to exchange phone numbers so I could check on them tonight.  She was clearly in a really bad place.  It will be my days work to make sure they have a warm and safe place to stay tonight.  I tell you this for no other reason than to build awareness and to challenge more people to be the voice for the children who have none. 

I have been a fierce child advocate all of my adult life.  I can’t bear the thought of children experiencing homelessness, hunger, abuse, illness, etc.  It consumes my thoughts when I come across a child who needs help or hear of a child who needs help.  Some people have challenged me that I can’t help everyone and in some situations you have to turn a blind eye.  My response…I will NEVER turn a blind eye.  EVER!  In fact, I will not go through my life believing that we can’t help everyone.  Let me just believe I can and pursue this passion with a tenacity and let’s think about it this way…If we all believe we can change the world for children, then we will change the world for children.  Fewer children would experience homelessness…fewer children would experience hunger…fewer children would experience abuse.  So, I challenge each of you.  Be the voice that so many children need.  Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Don’t turn a blind eye!  You could be the very reason that one child or a hundred are given what they deserve…innocence, happiness, and safety! 


2017: New Year, New You


We know it can be difficult to keep New Year’s resolutions. But the Crossing Arrows crew is going to let you in on a little secret: make easy resolutions that won’t stress you out trying to achieve.

We’ve made it through Christmas. Now is the time to look ahead to a new year and make a list of resolutions. Some of you might think that New Year’s is the toughest Holiday to endure but look at it this way: new beginnings are like a cosmic gift. To turn over a new leaf is a good thing. In 2017, we here at Crossing Arrows hope to conquer world domination. Typically it is best to start small but that’s not how we roll at C-A. We believe in going big and we hope to give you some inspiration in setting your own New Year goals.

For starters, set goals that you know you can conquer with ease. Making an effort to smile more is one of our favorite resolutions. Not only is it free but it’s simple and makes the people around you happy too. Smiling accomplishes three tasks in one little gesture: easy, no moo-lah spent, and benefits the folks around you. What could be better than that? Uh, like nothing.

Another New Year’s rez that is simple to accomplish is to read a book. We all have that book that has been sitting on our nightstand since 8th grade English class. Taking a few minutes a day to read a couple paragraphs before bed is a great way to unwind and help you fall asleep. Reading is also a great conversation starter at dinner parties, “I just finished reading ‘insert interesting title here’ and it was quite interesting, thoughts? With all of the different avenues to access books these days, some even free, it is another cheap and easy way to include something new into your life. Win, win!

The third resolution that will help better not only yourself but the people around you and strangers is doing a good deed. This can be done in various ways that helps you unleash your creative bone (another bonus). A good deed can be accomplished by holding the door for someone, shoveling snow for and elderly neighbor, paying for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop. Be imaginative, the amount of good deeds in infinite (we’re not mathematicians so please don’t fact check us on that). What we’re trying to say is that the choice to do a random act of kindness is up to you.

No matter the resolution,  doing something good for yourself and others is well…a good thing. Crossing Arrows hopes that you get all and more than you wish for in 2017.


Tomboy Gift List

With less than six days until Christmas you might be scratching your head trying to figure out what to give the spirited child in your life. Look no further than Crossing Arrows We have got you covered.

Product Plug Alert: The first item that we would like to suggest for the child in your life that is difficult to shop for is our graphic tees. They are made of soft material with unique sayings that will speak to the inner child in all of us. They can be found at our website x-masThe next gift that would suit any unique kid is the book Iggy Peck Architect.iggy-peck

The third gift to feed the imagination of a child is a make your own robot activity.


Another gift that is great for the rough-and-tumble little human is Rowan Christian Jeans the entire line can be found on our website


We hope that this has been helpful. When in doubt, give a gift that will nurture the imagination of the littles in your life. After all, that is the best gift you can give.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Holiday Season.

Warmest Wishes, Crossing Arrows

A Letter to a Very Special Birth Mother


I believe all birth mothers are special and selfless and so many go through life without being praised for choosing life for their babies.  I hesitated sharing this letter because I am naturally a very private person, but I feel it is important to share my letter to Pamela for two reasons: to praise her for her selflessness and to encourage others to give praise to all birth mothers.  So often in an adoption case, the birth mother is left without support and I am hopeful that this letter will reach more birth mother’s who need to be told that they are the ones who deserve the praise.

An open letter to Allie’s, birth mother…my sister, Pamela.


I have delayed writing you (six years to be exact) out of fear, pride and quite honestly no words can do justice to what I wanted to express to you.  I’ll never forget sitting in the red booth in Long John Silver’s when you asked me to adopt Allie.  I thought you were so brave and courageous.  I choked back the tears because that moment was all about YOU.  All about the sacrifice you were making for Allie.  A sacrifice to ensure she would be given everything that was robbed from you in your life.  I’ll never forget every thought and emotion that was flooding my mind in that moment, and I can only imagine what was going through yours.

I knew the moment you asked me to adopt Allie that she would be so loved.  That she would be so talented and smart and beautiful.  Despite all the uncertainties that existed throughout your pregnancy, I was certain of one thing…God was in control.  God had taken a very uncertain situation and blessed us all in ways we couldn’t have imagined.  I am still so amazed.

Honestly, I was not prepared for all the emotions I experienced when she was born on that cold, snowy January day.  She was perfect in every imaginable way with her dark skin, coal black hair and black eyes.  I remember looking at her and thinking she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.  She was so perfect and you took such good care of her throughout your pregnancy.  I remember sobbing when the doctor’s first handed her to me.  I sobbed because she was a miracle and because she was more perfect than I could have ever dreamed.  But I was also sobbing because you chose life for Allie.  I sobbed because you were the one who went through nine months of pregnancy, you were the one who delivered Allie in surgery and cried out in pain because the doctor had not administered enough medicine.  I sobbed because I got to go home with Allie while you were at your home recovering from delivery.  I sobbed because I knew that you weren’t prepared for the love you had for Allie, but you knew that life with mental illness and drug addiction was no life for her.  Nothing could have prepared me for that day.  It was magical and sad for me as I know it was for you.

I can’t tell you the number of nights I sat awake feeding Allie and crying because I was looking into the eyes of such an incredible baby and I knew you were in your bed experiencing separation and loneliness.  I cried because I knew just how much you loved Allie, as any mother would, and I simply couldn’t imagine being as selfless as you.  I’ve been given so much praise over the years for adopting Allie and for loving her so deeply, but the one that should be praised is YOU.  You chose life for Allie.  You sat aside your own desires of raising Allie to give her stability and a life of opportunity.  You, Pamela, are to be praised.  You are so selfless and I can never thank you enough for choosing me. 

I promise to love her fiercely every day.  I promise to support her and be patient with her.  I promise to encourage her and be her biggest fan…just as I know you would, had you been given the opportunity.  I promise that she will know and understand the FULL story.  Her story and your story.  I promise that as she gets older and better comprehends the full story, that she will admire you for your decision.  That she will praise you and be so proud of you.

I’ll forever be indebted to you.  Never forget the sacrifice you made for Allie.  I love you PK!


Just Keeping It Real!


If you’re a parent, then you’ve probably noticed the gender stereotyping that exists in children’s clothing.  More parents are starting to talk about it.  More children are also taking notice.  My five-year-old did and she noticed almost three years ago; she was upset because the girls section didn’t have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underwear for her and they didn’t have Superhero options in girl’s graphic tees.  She was put out by it at such a young age.  It was then that she decided she wanted to shop in the boy’s section…especially considering boy clothes allowed her to express herself better.  Allie was born naturally athletic and she has a strong personality with a lot of confidence; little girl’s clothes just didn’t offer her what she wanted.  This is where I came in.

For two-and-a-half years I received a lot of praise from people who thought it was wonderful that we let her choose to wear what she wanted; that we allowed her to be her own individual.  However, we had a few people in our life that didn’t love the fact that a little girl wore boy clothes.  I started hearing of other spirited girls (aka tomboys) who didn’t want to wear girl clothes because girl clothes were too girly or only focused on pink and princesses.  I heard of parents not allowing their girls to wear boy clothes in public and then allowed them to change into boy clothes when they got home and I thought, this shouldn’t be a struggle for parents.  We have enough struggles.  We have battles we fight ever day…especially with strong-willed, spirited children; why battle them with clothing.  So, I decided it was time to do something about it and Crossing Arrows was born.

We have big plans…plans of creating a line of clothing for these spirited girls that say no to gender stereotypes.  We have plans of growing a community for parents; one that allows them to laugh and cry and discuss the raw truth of parenting.  A community where we are real; a community that discusses the victories and the challenges of parenting.  We have no room for the parents who only tout the good and happy moments that make parenting seem so easy out of wanting to maintain a certain image…it’s not easy, so why should we fake it.  AND in addition to the awesome clothing line we are designing and the community for parents, we are going to kick some major butt in the philanthropy space.  We are going to take our passion for child advocacy and give hunger, abuse, neglect and sickness the big middle finger and we are going to give abundantly to organizations who support the cause for child advocacy and we are going to create a foundation that speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves (children) and we are going to make their lives better.  We would by lying if we said we knew what this journey had in store, but I can PROMISE you this…we will not rest, we will not sleep and we will not stop until we master our mission.  Not just figure it out, but master it.

Okay, now that we got that out there…please join us in our journey.  We want and NEED your support.  Whether that is being an ambassador for us, telling your friends and family about our clothing brand, parenting community and our mission for giving back, or whether that is getting on our Kickstarter and getting your hands on our graphic tees and other designs by becoming a contributor.  We will be so grateful for your willingness to help us build our strong foundation and we will forever be grateful for your support!

Visit our Kickstarter campaign here to learn more about Crossing Arrows!  We would love feedback too and forgive me for rambling in the video.  I hadn’t had enough coffee yet when I filmed that.  😉

Passionately,  Tricia – Founder/CEO